Off label use for Metformin
to help you live longer

This type II diabetes drug is being studied as a possible supplement
to extend human life. Here's what you need to know about off-label use of Metformin. 

In This Metformin Cheatsheet, You'll Learn:

  • What a top researcher says is the optimal theraputic dosage for longevity
  • What side effects you are likely run into 
  • How get around the side effects of Metformin.
  • What to say to your doctor to have Metformin prescribed for you for theraputic use.
  • When and how to take Metforim for off-label use.
  • Where to get Metformin.
  • How much Metformin costs

Disclaimer: This report about off-label use of Metformin for Longevity is a  cheatsheet designed to share personal experiences in using Metformin for the off-label use of extending human life. It is not intended or to be used as or in place of professional medical advice.

Any off-label use of any drug, including Metformin, should be done under the supervision of your family doctor or other medical professional that you trust with your personal health. 

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