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Booze doubles worm lifespan

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Boozy worms live longer, giving hope for tipsy humans

Boozy worms benefit from a double lifespan, says a new UCLA study.

During an experiment designed to test reactions to cholesterol,  worms were exposed to small amounts of ethanol, which was used to dissolve the cholesterol in the liquid around the worms. The scientists were surprised to find this doubled the lifespan of
worm larvae — from 10 to 15 days to 20 to 30 days (on average).

The scientists also discovered that too much alcohol was harmful to the worms leading to neurological effects and death, showing over consumption does not support the longevity benefits.

The ideal dose, said the scientists, corresponds to one tablespoon of ethanol in a bathtub of water. Said another way, the alcohol in one bottle of beer mixed with 100 of water.

The C elegans worms that were used in the test are often part of human aging experiments because they share half their genes with humans.

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