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Drone and self-driving pizza delivery – latest videos!

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The four videos below show how far automated delivery technology has come in a very short period of time.  Pizza companies and of course Amazon are all in the game using drones and automated road vehicles.

Let’s start with drone pizza delivery

If ever there was an arena for new technology testing then it has to be with pizza companies.

Below are two videos that capture a reality that we are about to see in the next few years. Automated flying drone pizza deliveries? Yes!. Self driving  pizza deliver bikes. Yes!




Driverless pizza delivery is also around the corner

You can see where automated robotic self driving vehicles will be amazing for companies that use human drivers today.


Drone pizza delivery is already happening in India

A pizza company called Francesco’s Pizzeria is delivering pizza by drone in mumbai, India.

Amazon showcases latest drone technology

And here is a sneak peak of Amazon’s developments in their drone delivery technology:

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