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Designer baby expert for media

designer baby expert for mediaSeeking a designer baby expert for media comment?

If you are a member of the media or blogosphere and are interested in talking a designer baby expert for comment on a story you are working on then please reach out to us here.

We have three authors from the book Super You, one of the hottest new books about the future for 2016. It includes an entire chapter on babies and looks closely at the issue of designer babies.

The authors – which include Andy Walker, Kay Walker and Sean Carruthers – are well versed in the issues surrounding transhumanism, including:

  • Are humans ready for designer babies?
  • Do we really want engineer our children?
  • What will Wall Street think of designer babies?
  • Is there space on the planet for 6 billion people who are designed?
  • Will my children grow up as “perfect” humans?
  • What the heck is a designer baby anyway?
  • Will my children lose their humanity of they are “designed”?
  • What are the scary downsides of designer babies?
  • What does the Christian Church think of designer babies
  • What do the world religions think about designer babies?
  • Will my child be more machine than human if they are a designer baby?

You probably have your own questions. We can answer those too. We can be available to you via:

  • Voice
  • Skype audio or video
  • FaceTime audio or video
  • In person (we are in Tampa and Toronto)
  • We will also do email interviews

Interested in the book’s Table of Contents? See it here.

The Amazon listing for this book that covers designer babies is here

We are well versed in media appearances and understand short deadlines and how to speaking in pithy sound bites. We can do shortform interviews or longer format interviews as well.

Call us at 813-501-8043 or [email protected]

Our publicist at Pearson is Emily Nave. Our media page with hi-rez author images is here

Media and blogger copies of the book are available. Contact Emily Nave at Pearson Education.