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Video: Artificial sight is possible for the blind: Soon it will be augmented sight for you


How long before we bypass our mobile screen and pipe augmented reality directly into the retina or human brain so we can see it without a smartphone?

The following is a blurb from Chapter 6 Franken-You: A Better Life Through Cyborg Technology of the book Super You on page 282.

This video shows a blind man getting artificial vision installed into his brain using Second Sight’s Argus II. The system that uses electrodes placed directly into the retina and wirelessly fed visual information from a camera attached to glasses. It wouldn’t be hard to pipe in any augmented reality into the visual field, including a Pokemon Go overlay directly into a human brain.

Or imagine seeing promos floating over the aisles of a Target store. Or guidance to your hotel room in an unfamiliar hotel. Or…use your imagination because it will soon be possible.

In fact this is your future, and the glasses will be optional. Eventually web-connected nanites swimming in your blood and flowing through your brain will do this for you (For nanites, see  page 201-202 in Super You).

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