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Category: Longevity

How to live longer

10 ways to hyper extend your life Want to learn how to live longer? There is increasing evidence that as a human, you will be able to hyper extend your life and live past 100 – and possibly live forever, if you choose, thanks to breakthroughs in science and technology expected more »


  Lin Fa Wang of Singapore’s Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School, also known as the “Bat Man”, has been trying to understand why bats live a long life relative to their size and have an uncanny ability to avoid disease. Wang’s most recent study sequenced the entire genome of two distantly more »

7 Longevity Myths Debunked

A longevity study by Stanford University, conducted by Dr. Lewis Terman in 1921, chronicled the lives of 1,500 Californians to determine the contributing factors to human longevity. In 2011, they published the results disbarring a large number of common assumptions: Myth: Optimism and Positive Thinking Extends Life The Assumption: Cheerful more »