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Category: extend longevity

How to live longer

10 ways to hyper extend your life Want to learn how to live longer? There is increasing evidence that as a human, you will be able to hyper extend your life and live past 100 – and possibly live forever, if you choose, thanks to breakthroughs in science and technology expected more »

How to revive a dead brain

Researchers don’t know how to revive brain dead humans, but they are sure going to learn a lot in the process in a clinical trial aimed at reviving comatose patients. Biotech Bioquark is recruiting 20 patients who have been clinically deemed brain dead from severe traumatic brain injury. Using cutting-edge treatments that include stem cells, more »

Your life in jellybeans

A typical person lives 28,835 days. Each one of us knows what a day (24 hours) feels like, and how long it takes, and how variable any day can feel. But 28,835 days is just a number—unless you count it out in jelly beans. Here’s some cool jelly bean facts more »

Google vs Death

One of our esteemed editors David Bunnell posted this on FB: “Google has been reading Death is Obsolete.” You speak the truth David! He is referring to the latest Time magazine cover story that starts… In person, it can be a little hard to hear Larry Page. That’s because he more »