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Futurist keynote speaker Andy Walker

.Futurist keynote speaker Andy Walker, author of five books, has a new book called Super You: How Technology is Revolutionizing What it Means to Be Human. This easy-to-read technology publication – written with his wife, lifehacker Kay Walker, and long-time technology collaborator Sean Carruthers – chronicles how science and technology will accelerate human capabilities in the next 30 years.

That’s the year that has been dubbed the technology Singularity. It is a moment in time when it is difficult to see what life will be like beyond that point for humans. Why? Because by 2045 computers will overtake humans in intelligence. The planet will likely be machine-run.

futurist keynote speaker Andy Walker
Futurist Andy Walker – your event’s keynote speaker

It is a tough thing to wrap our human brains around this – here in the 20-teens. Some people fear a “technogeddon”…when machines run the world.  Keep in mind that by then, we humans and our super smart machines will be highly integrated. The AI in machines will be an extension of us.  Differentiating between human and non-human will be difficult.

Andy Walker
Futurist Andy Walker is sought after by the media to demystify technology trends

Rewind from 2016 back 30 years to 1985 and think about how we would have considered the Internet and its integrated digital economy. It would be difficult to explain it to a mid-80s citizen and have them really understand. After all, computers had just hit the desktop and were largely business machines. Not pocket powerhouses that run Angry Birds, Pokemon Go and Twitter.

This is the kind of thing that futurist keynote speaker Andy Walker is really great at explaining to live audiences. He is a dynamic speaker. Andy is funny. And, at times he is outrageous, logical, philosophical and always informative.

Andy and his co-authors interviewed some of the top technologists and scientists in the world. They included Ray Kurzweil and his accelerating technology theory, which was chronicled in his book The Singularity is Near.

Futurist keynote speaker topics

In his talks, Andy can cover:
  • The technology Singularity
  • The end of human evolution in favor of technological advancement
  • Plastic surgery: How we will soon be able to transform our appearance and look like anything or anyone we want.
  • Designer babies: Curate your baby’s genes? yes!
  • Cyborgs: You already are one. You’ll just become a better cyborg.
  • Neuroscience/AI: How computers will run the world, or rather how human-computer hybrids will.
  • Hyper longevity and how to live forever – yes, cancel your prelanned funeral plan now…you don’t have to die.
  • Next gen medicine (nano, genetics, robotics etc) – jet engine heart, organ replacements, regrow limbs – yes, yes, yes.
  • How religion and politics are in the way of a lot of these advancements – ok there’s always a party pooper. Andy explains this.
And, as they say, so much more.
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