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Category: longevity research

How to live longer

10 ways to hyper extend your life Want to learn how to live longer? There is increasing evidence that as a human, you will be able to hyper extend your life and live past 100 – and possibly live forever, if you choose, thanks to breakthroughs in science and technology expected more »

7 longevity assumptions that are wrong

Scientists who tracked 1,500 people over eight decades have discovered much of what has been taught about how to live a long life may be incorrect.

In 1921, just over 1,500 Californian children were selected to participate in a study led by a Stanford University psychologist and they were tracked over 80 years to their deaths. Researchers who took on the data in 2011 shattered some conventional longevity assumptions,

Infographic: Longevity secrets of the Okinawans

Want to live a very long long time? Do what the Okinawans do. Have a look at this infographic from Best MHA Programs to learn which these islanders from Japan live the longest. Longevity secrets learned from them and other centenarians include: Eat less Laugh Avoid stress Stay positive Engage more »