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Category: longevity research

Want to heal faster? Get a cat!

If you want to heal faster, maybe you should get a kitty cat. According to the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association, scientists have discovered that the purring of cats is a natural healing mechanism. This could explain why cats survive falling from high buildings and may have helped more »

Healthy brain aging & cognitive function promoted by exercise

The benefits of exercise are attributed to several mechanisms, many which highlight its neuroprotective role via actions that enhance neurogenesis, neuronal morphology and/or neurotrophin release. However, the brain is also composed of glial and vascular elements, and comparatively less is known regarding the effects of exercise on these components in the aging brain. more »

Secrets of the world’s healthiest women

It seems like every year another country’s lifestyle is touted as the new magic bullet to cure us of obesity, heart disease, and premature death: For an unclogged heart, herd goats and down olive oil like a Mediterranean. Avoid breast cancer and live to 100 by dining on tofu Japanese-style. more »

Weight-loss surgery lowers heart attack risk

A Swedish study of more than 4,000 obese people treated at 500 health care centers and surgery departments found that those who had weight-loss surgery were less likely to subsequently suffer a heart attack than those treated with routine care such as advice on lifestyle changes. About half the patients more »