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A robot took my job: How automation will drive unemployment, and freedom for the masses


This Farmbot (see video) is one of the technologies that are arriving at an accelerating pace that is going to change society – and the economy – at a fundamental level.

It’s a disruptive technology that will let us fed a lot of people cheaply yet, put a lot of unskilled workers out of work…

If you are a farmer, you’ll probably be investing in this technology too. You’ll cut costs, increase yield, but you’ll also move your skillset from agriculture and into robotics business management. Your need for seasonal unskilled worker will diminish.

Farms and what else? Transportation

Drive a truck? Fly a cargo airplane? Or drive a taxi? You jobs are at risk of elimination by technology as well.

The technology for driverless vehicles and cargo aviation is here and will undergo a massive

And that worries a lot of people. While there will be significant disruption as a result of these technologies the cost of production will drop massively.

In our book Super You: How Technology is Revolutionizing What it Means to Be Human, we examine this trend in our conversation with Zoltan Istvan, who also wrote the foreword to our book Istvan is the founder of The Transhumanist Party and Presidential candidate in the 2016 U.S. federal election.

Zoltan Istvan: Transhumanist Party founder and Presidential cnadidate
Zoltan Istvan: Transhumanist Party founder and Presidential candidate

Istvan contends that there will be a need for a Universal Basic Income. (UBI) meaning that every citizen will receive a living wage from the government. Education will be free. And anyone that wants to augment their income with paid work can opt to do so.

Experiments (outside the U.S.) with this idea has had amazing results. It reduces crime, drug use, medical care (Medicaid equivalent), social services and other government funded programs that allows the UBI to be funded.

Read more about this in our book Super You on pages 313, 316-317.

Where to buy Super You: How Technology is Revolutionizing What it Means to Be Human
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