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The Vatican calls about designer babies

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In Chapter 2 of Super You,(Baby Science: How to Conceive a Tennis Star and Other Procreative Miracles), we look extensively at baby science , and baby making. We interviewed Dr. Jeffrey Steinberg of the Fertility Institutes in Los Angelese and he explained what happened when he started to look at offering trait selection to parents for their children. Steinberg’s clinic already offers gender selection and after researching albinism he identified the genetic trains for eye color. He intended to offer trait selection such as eye color, hair color and texture (curly vs. straight) and eventually traits such as athleticism. (He also sees a future where he could offer genetic disease screening that produce children who aren’t encumbered by illnesses past through via parent DNA.)

As you would imagine the media jumped on the  story and then came the protests and crazies. One day in the midst of all the controversy, the Vatican called Steinberg.

You can read what happened on p. 58 in the book.


Where to buy the book Super You

Where to buy Super You: How Technology is Revolutionizing What it Means to Be Human
0Need at least 3 ratings
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