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Month: May 2016

The Vatican calls about designer babies

In Chapter 2 of Super You,(Baby Science: How to Conceive a Tennis Star and Other Procreative Miracles), we look extensively at baby science , and baby making. We interviewed Dr. Jeffrey Steinberg of the Fertility Institutes in Los Angelese and he explained what happened when he started to look at offering more »

Cotton Candy Machine Inspires Machine to Create Artificial Organs

A common machine is behind a new process that could potentially lead to the creation of replacement artificial livers, kidneys and other essential human organs. You’ve seen it before at fairs, festivals and even birthday parties: It’s the cotton candy machine. When scientist Leon Bellan, assistant professor of mechanical engineering at Vanderbilt University, got more »

Video: The in-ear universal translator is here

If you have been waiting for the babelfish (a universal translator) from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, then wait no longer, because it has a arrived from Waverly Labs. Although it’s not a fish, but it does go in your ear. It’s called the Pilot. The Pilot comes with 2 earpieces. more »

How to revive a dead brain

Researchers don’t know how to revive brain dead humans, but they are sure going to learn a lot in the process in a clinical trial aimed at reviving comatose patients. Biotech Bioquark is recruiting 20 patients who have been clinically deemed brain dead from severe traumatic brain injury. Using cutting-edge treatments that include stem cells, more »