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This Baby Will Live to be 120: National Geographic Jumps on Longevity Bandwagon

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“Our genes harbor many secrets to a long and healthy life.

And now scientists are beginning to uncover them.

IN A FIELD historically marred by exaggerated claims and dubious entrepreneurs hawking unproven elixirs, scientists studying longevity have begun using powerful genomic technologies, basic molecular research, and, most important, data on small, genetically isolated communities of people to gain increased insight into the maladies of old age and how they might be avoided. In Calabria, Ecuador, Hawaii, and even in the Bronx, studies are turning up molecules and chemical pathways that may ultimately help everyone reach an advanced age in good, even vibrant, health.”

National Geographic’s May 2013 issue contains one of the most thoroughly researched and interesting articles on longevity ever published.

We highly recommend you read this article

Also, because National Geographic’s editors couldn’t decide what race of baby to put on the cover and ended up publishing several versions, they also created a FACEBOOK app that lets you put your own face on a National Geographic cover. We tried it out and it works great! (see below)


If you’d like to try this, click here

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