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Tag: longevity

How to live longer

10 ways to hyper extend your life Want to learn how to live longer? There is increasing evidence that as a human, you will be able to hyper extend your life and live past 100 – and possibly live forever, if you choose, thanks to breakthroughs in science and technology expected more »

7 Longevity Myths Debunked

A longevity study by Stanford University, conducted by Dr. Lewis Terman in 1921, chronicled the lives of 1,500 Californians to determine the contributing factors to human longevity. In 2011, they published the results disbarring a large number of common assumptions: Myth: Optimism and Positive Thinking Extends Life The Assumption: Cheerful more »

How to STOP & REVERSE Brain Decline

by Rick Téllez BRAIN DECLINE BEGINS AT AGE 27! Or says a study from the University of Virginia. The seven years study, headed by Timothy Salthouse, indicates adults achieve their peak mental performance around 22 and mental decline starts as soon as age 27. Most of us believe it is inevitable — more »

Your life in jellybeans

A typical person lives 28,835 days. Each one of us knows what a day (24 hours) feels like, and how long it takes, and how variable any day can feel. But 28,835 days is just a number—unless you count it out in jelly beans. Here’s some cool jelly bean facts more »

Dropping acid (LSD) helps alcoholics stop drinking

One dose of the hallucinogenic drug LSD could help alcoholics give up drinking, according to an analysis of studies performed in the 1960s. A study, presented in the Journal of Psychopharmacology, looked at data from six trials and more than 500 patients. It said there was a “significant beneficial effect” on more »