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Nanobots in your brain: Will you use them to connect to Google with your thoughts?

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In our book Super You, we explore the very real possibility of of connecting your brain to the Internet so that you can use the power of the Cloud to expand your ability to access information. This would likely be done using really tiny swimming robots that are the size of blood cells. They would swim in your blood stream and help you brain connect to the Internet. Likely they would be made with your own genetic material so that your body would not reject them.

Read more about this starting page 200 Chapter 5 — The Human Computer: How to Rewire and Turbo-Boost Your Ape Brain

This technology will likely be possible within 20 years. Would you connect your brain to Google? Tell us in the comments below…


Where to buy the book Super You

Where to buy Super You: How Technology is Revolutionizing What it Means to Be Human
0Need at least 3 ratings
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