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Category: cyborg

Video: The in-ear universal translator is here

If you have been waiting for the babelfish (a universal translator) from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, then wait no longer, because it has a arrived from Waverly Labs. Although it’s not a fish, but it does go in your ear. It’s called the Pilot. The Pilot comes with 2 earpieces. more »

Get ready for hybrid thinking: Ray Kurzweil

Two hundred million years ago, our mammalian ancestors developed a new brain feature: the neocortex. This stamp-sized piece of tissue – when wrapped around a brain the size of a walnut – is the key to what humanity has become. Futurist and author Ray Kurzweil suggests, we should get ready more »

Track your health with this watch

MyBasis is a new company out of Silicon Valley has developed a watch that tracks all your vital health info moment to moment. This allows you to get a detailed snapshot of your health with a control panel that paints a picture of your health. The handsome watch which comes more »

Contact lens may have displays built in

Want to enhance your vision with cyborg heads up display capabilities? Imagine a display built right into your contact lenses. That’s what scientists at Aalto University in Finland are working on. They have found a way to display a single pixel in a contact lens that receives a signal wirelessly. The more »

I think I should turn left…

One trend toward a future of immortality is the fusion between human and machine: And to that end: Nissan Motor is working with the Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne in Switzerland on research into a brain-machine interface that someday may allow people to operate vehicles with their thoughts. More on more »

Video: Deaf woman hears for the first time

If there is any doubt that technology is making a difference for people, improving the quality of their lives and making things possible what were not possible before around their health, then see this video of a deaf woman hearing for the first time after an implant: Play Video P.S. more »