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Category: medical technology

Heart replacement device from Texas

Two doctors have invented a heart replacement device that is keeping a man alive without a heartbeat. The gadget which replaced his failing heart pushes blood like water through a garden hose. So there is no heartbeat. Amazing. See how it was done in this short (under 4 minute) mini more »

Nano-scale robots kill cancer cells

A study from Harvard University announced they have developed a nano-scale robot, made entirely of folded DNA, that can target and kill cancer cells in the body. So far, these findings can only been observed in the laboratory, but these robots made of DNA reveal that a new caner treatment more »

Track your health with this watch

MyBasis is a new company out of Silicon Valley has developed a watch that tracks all your vital health info moment to moment. This allows you to get a detailed snapshot of your health with a control panel that paints a picture of your health. The handsome watch which comes more »

The Best of Medgadget 2011

One of our favorite resources, Medgadget, has published its list of some of the most interesting and important developments in the medical technology world during the past year. Click here to read their report.

Robotic Therapy Helps Stroke Patients

(Ivanhoe Newswire) – Severely impaired stroke survivors could walk better when assisted by a robotic system on top of conventional rehabilitation, according to this study. Italian researchers evaluated two-year mobility outcomes in 48 stroke survivors who had been discharged from a hospital and were unable to walk at the study’s more »