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Author bio: Kay Walker (formerly Kay Svela)

Author Kay SvelaKay Walker: Life hacker, author, keynote speaker

Kay Walker  is an emerging star in the life hacker world and female transhumanist author.

She teaches people non-invasive tools – neuroplasticity exercises, emotional tools, and life expansion tactics –  that they can use to access their brain’s full potential and overcome biological limitations that keep them being ordinary.

She’s the creator of a massive suite of free personal development tools and the web site Awesome Life Club, an exclusive club for individuals who want to learn tangible skills they can use to become super performers in all areas of life. (As an example, check out her post on How to be likeable)

Walker is well known for her advocacy work in the field of mental health. She runs a resource site Depression Zone. Besides Super You, she has written several depression recovery books. They include Read This Before You Kill Yourself, Feel Better Now,  and How to Help Your Depressed Teen that help people suffering from major depression.

Kay Walker is an entrepreneur and digital marketer

She’s also co-author Andy Walker’s wife. The book is not the first project the two have collaborated on. They run Cyberwalker Digital, a digital marketing agency based in Tampa FL.

Walker is the least “techie” of the three authors, although she’s well versed in digital marketing. She’s helped make Super You a book for a mainstream audience. Not only that, she brings her female futurist perspective to topics covered in the book, such as cosmetic surgery, designer babies. She was also the lead on the neuroscience chapter (The Human Computer). Order Super You now

To read more about Kay’s work as a keynote speaker CLICK HERE. She would ideal as a featured female futurist at your event.

Kay Was born in small town Canada, and she was educated in Toronto. Today, she lives in Tampa, FL with her husband and son.