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Female futurist keynote speaker Kay Walker

Female futurist keynote speaker Kay Walker is the author of one of the top transhumanism books of 2016 called Super You: How Technology is Revolutionizing What it Means to be Human (Que Publishing).

Kay brought her neuroscience expertise to the book, along with her perspective as a mother, a woman, a millennial, and a female consumer who is interested in a technology-empowered future.

This easy to read futurist publication – written with her husband Andy Walker, a futurist speaker himself, and long time technology collaborator Sean Carruthers – chronicles how science and technology will accelerate human capabilities in the next 30 years as we approach 2045.

Female futurist keynote speaker

When Kay speaks, she loves to challenge audiences – especially female audiences – because she brings a unique perspective to to raising children in an increasingly technology dominated world.  Mothers and fathers will have a lot to consider in the coming decades.

Designer babies

Kay Walker - author - speaker - futurist
Kay Walker is an author, speaker and futurist

There is technology available today that allows for gender selection. And a related technology could allow parents to choose traits for their children, including eye color, hair texture, and other aesthetic features.

Moving forward that could also include editing for genetic predispositions, including traits like athleticism. If you have those choices, do you make them? What if that technology can screen out disease proclivities? Do you choose that for your child before they are born? What about post-natal gene therapies? Kay explores these difficult choices, and also reveals what new tools science and technology will soon give mothers.

What about advanced prenatal health care in mothers? Do you use nanobots to ensure the health of your unborn child? If a robot doctor could deliver your baby, would you say yes? Should you say yes? What choices will you have? Which choices will you make?

The future of cosmetic surgery

In our beauty-obsessed society, we will have new options with regard to modifying our looks. Stem cells bring the ability to easily and precisely modify faces, breasts, stomachs and more. Sculpted looks will become easier to obtain and safer to choose. Kay covers the emerging world of stem cells in the cosmetic surgery world. She also looks at new options around living much longer, as well as looking much younger, and conquering death and aging.

Raising a cyborg child

How do you raise child in a cyborg world? (A cyborg is technology-enhanced human – we are all a form of cyborg already.) Kay is already making these choices for her son, who turns 3 in early 2017.

Kay is also a neuroscience expert, which is a discipline she studied in university. She has aince studied progressive mental health breakthroughs as she worked in depression recovery techniques in her early career.

Kay is an accomplished web entrepreneur. She creator of the web resource Depression Zone and the personal development site . She took the lead in the chapter in Super You on the human brain. It covers impending breakthroughs in mental health, and technology-enhanced brains. She interviewed Google director and inventor Ray Kurzweil and cyborg scientist Kevin Warwick for the book. And led or participated in interviews with  dozens of technology experts and cutting edge scientists.

Beside’s Super You, Kay is the author of five additional books on depression recovery and personal development. See all of Kay’s books on Amazon.

Futurist speaking topics

In her keynote speeches, Kay covers topics such as:
  • The future of motherhood.
  • Raising your cyborg child.
  • Plastic surgery: How we will be able to transform our looks to look like anything or anyone we want.
  • Designer babies – Curate your baby? yes!
  • Neuroscience/AI: How computers will run the world, or rather how human-computer hybrids will.
  • Hyper longevity and how to live forever.
  • Next gen medicine (nano, genetics, robotics etc): Jet engine heart, organ replacements, regrow limbs.
  • How religion and politics are in the way of a lot of these advancements.
That said, if you are seeking a female futurist keynote speaker and would like to discuss your topic ideas, please reach out.
Book Kay Walker for your keynote speech today and get the hottest female futurist speaker at your event! 813-501-8043 or contact [email protected]. You can also book Kay Walker and Andy Walker together and get a dynamic speaker couple. They can demystify the future of life as human beings from two distinct , yet complementary perspectives.