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Category: Super You Links

Cotton Candy Machine Inspires Machine to Create Artificial Organs

A common machine is behind a new process that could potentially lead to the creation of replacement artificial livers, kidneys and other essential human organs. You’ve seen it before at fairs, festivals and even birthday parties: It’s the cotton candy machine. When scientist Leon Bellan, assistant professor of mechanical engineering at Vanderbilt University, got more »

Video: Glucose-sensing lens

This Alphabet (formerly Google) designed  contact lens prototype  looks like any other contact lens on the market, except tiny antennae run rings around the outside of the lens. They are connected to a tiny sensor that can measure glucose levels found in the wearer’s tears once every second. That information can then be more »

Video: The Archimedes Screw

From Chapter 4 of the book Super You – p.131 In the 1980s, physician inventor Rich Wampler visited Egypt and witnessed local workers using a hand-turned Archimedes screw to pump water up a river bank for irrigation. He realized that if a screw could move water against gravity, perhaps it could move blood against pressure.