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Super You: How Technology is Revolutionizing What It Means to Be Human Posts

Smokers should drink black tea to detox

A conference about the benefits of tea revealed that smokers may benefit from drinking the beverage.  Consuming tea may be a preventive measure for smokers who are at the risk of contracting emphysema. Antioxidants in black tea stops cigarette smoke induced oxidants of lung protein. This can help fend off more »

Can red wine extend your longevity?

A few years back there was lots of talk about how a glass of red wine a day might help you live longer. The magic ingredient: resveratrol. Several studies have shown in the last decade that this substance, found in grape skin and other plants, has the ability to fight more »

I think I should turn left…

One trend toward a future of immortality is the fusion between human and machine: And to that end: Nissan Motor is working with the Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne in Switzerland on research into a brain-machine interface that someday may allow people to operate vehicles with their thoughts. More on more »

Dead end for longevity gene

The so-called longevity gene (which has been associated with a longer lifespan) has no effect on longevity after all. A second look at studies that suggested its relevance has revealed flaws in the work that’s been done. The gene is still known to play an important role in protecting against more »

How’s your health? Check your telomeres

Science writer Thea Singer (on twitter: @theasinger1) has been poking me for getting it wrong with telomeres. Being relatively new to health science writing, I appreciate her gentle berating because this stuff is complicated. Telomeres are little caps on your DNA that get smaller each time a cell divides. Their more »

Video: Deaf woman hears for the first time

If there is any doubt that technology is making a difference for people, improving the quality of their lives and making things possible what were not possible before around their health, then see this video of a deaf woman hearing for the first time after an implant: Play Video P.S. more »