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For journos & bloggers only: 10 tips for cyborg soccer moms

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Hi there:

I’m Andy Walker, one of the authors of this new book…

Andy Walker, author of Super You: How Technology is Changing What it Means to Be Human | futurist speaker
Super You author Andy Walker
Super You book
Super You: How Technology is Revolutionizing What it Means to Be Human (click for a bigger version)

It’s called:

Super You: How Technology is Revolutionizing What it Means to Be Human

As promised, here are 5 tips for cyborg soccer moms. They are yours for the taking. And if you want more info, give us a shout. We can send you a copy of the book, provide background, give you more info. All we ask in return is a link to this site:  or to the book on Amazon at Or a shout out with a mention. And, of course, you can call us for an interview, if it is useful to you.

In case you need it, here is the official definition of a cyborg:

cyborg definition

5 tips for cyborg soccer moms

1. Hold off on cosmetic surgery because you’ll soon be able to grow a “boob job” with your own stem cells.

Scientists are very close to perfecting pluripotent stem cells which let you grow any tissue from your own stems cells. And cosmetic surgeons say instead of adding silicone or saline bags to make breasts bigger, they will be able to medically coax your own stem cells to generate more breast tissue to make them naturally larger.

2. Thinking of a new baby? Hold off (unless time is not on your side). You’ll soon be able to ensure the are genetically curated.

The technology to curate a baby and select its physical traits (eye color, hair texture) exists today. However, only gender selection is being offered to parents in the U.S. The technology to conceive children that have a predisposition for sports is also potentially possible. (The most asked for trait is a tennis player.) However when this was first offered, the religious right freaked out. And politicians got their underpants in a twist about it and the LA doctor offering it backed off. (He also got a call from the Vatican.) Today we are further along and the next genetic curation option that will be offered publically is likely to be genetic disease elimination. Of course that will meet political, moral and religious resistance too.

3. Nanobots in your brain will let you shop for gifts via thought.

Micriscopic swimming robots in your bloodstream will be able to enhance your brain cells and connect you to the Internet to expand your access to information and knowledge. So Googling with your thoughts is not out of the question. ETA 20 to 30 years. Still get ready because we are all going to get smarter in a similar way to how a guy that drives a forklift can lift heavy loads.

4. Better boost your 401K because you are going to live to 100+ and beyond…and maybe forever.

Longevity science has come a long way to the point where it is likely in the next 13 years that we will gain a year of healthy lifespan for every additional year we live that essentially gives those that want it immortality. (We asked dinner companions during our book research if they would like that and people couldn’t get their heads around it. Many got upset at the thought. Especially those that have a faith that preaches meeting their maker.)

5. Hubby having an affair? Don’t worry, you’ll be able to design your own replacement robo-spouse.

Forecasting forward the science to produce strong artificial intelligence (strong AI) is increasingly robust. Self-driving cars have a form of AI that avoid crashes and learns from road conditions and experience. It’s not much of a stretch to extrapolate the possibility to synthesize a human personality that could be installed into an artificial human (aka flesh-grown robot). Even Google has patented a method to transfer robot personalities from data stored in the “cloud”.

If you would like a copy of Super You…call us at 813-501-8043 or email me at [email protected] and we will get a copy into your hands. Your choice of a paperback copy or ebook version (Kindle, Nook, PDF etc).



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0Need at least 3 ratings
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