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Video: The Archimedes Screw

From Chapter 4 of the book Super You – p.131 In the 1980s, physician inventor Rich Wampler visited Egypt and witnessed local workers using a hand-turned Archimedes screw to pump water up a river bank for irrigation. He realized that if a screw could move water against gravity, perhaps it could move blood against pressure.

Heart replacement device from Texas

Two doctors have invented a heart replacement device that is keeping a man alive without a heartbeat. The gadget which replaced his failing heart pushes blood like water through a garden hose. So there is no heartbeat. Amazing. See how it was done in this short (under 4 minute) mini more »

Heart attack deaths drop by 50% in Britain

London: The number of Britons dying of cardiac arrest has come down by half in eight years, a new study says. Helping people quit smoking and managing others with high blood pressure and high cholesterol contributed to the dipping numbers, said the study by the British Heart Foundation. Better hospital more »