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Cotton Candy Machine Inspires Machine to Create Artificial Organs

A common machine is behind a new process that could potentially lead to the creation of replacement artificial livers, kidneys and other essential human organs. You’ve seen it before at fairs, festivals and even birthday parties: It’s the cotton candy machine. When scientist Leon Bellan, assistant professor of mechanical engineering at Vanderbilt University, got more »

Cure to Alzheimer’s could be on the horizon

Destructive plaques found in the brains of Alzheimer’s patients have been rapidly cleared by researchers testing a cancer drug on mice. The US study, published in the journal Science, reported the plaques were broken down at “unprecedented” speed. Tests also showed an improvement in some brain function. Specialists said the results more »

Choline could help keep your brain sharp

Getting enough choline, a nutrient related to the B vitamins, may be important to keeping your brain sharp as you age. Researchers at Tufts and other Boston-area universities analyzed data on nearly 1,400 participants, ages 36 to 83, in the long-running Framingham study. Participants completed dietary questionnaires and then took more »